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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bucket List: Golf Trip with my Buds by Rolynn Anderson

Tomorrow, I head to Palm Springs with two of my golfing buddies.  We've downloaded a list of the top 30 golf courses in California, and by God, we're playing three of those puppies in three days, beginning a pledge to tick off three courses every year for ten years.  Now, for those of you who don't golf, this may sound like misery, but to the three of us, we're talking about fun!

We'll stay in a posh villa at Desert Willow (Westin), dipping into the pools and hot tubs whenever we have a chance.  The first day of golf, we'll play La Quinta, Mountain.  The second day, Desert Willow, Firecliff.  The third day, on our way home, we'll play Rustic Mountain in Moorpark.

The fun is obvious.  We'll play majestic, challenging courses in 90 degree weather.  In the evenings we'll have wine and appetizers in the villa while we strategize our dinner outing.  We'll search out fabulous restaurants and over delicious food, we'll debrief our day on the course as well as plan the next day.  In the evening, dressed in our comfy clothes, we'll watch the Outlander series (last season on TV).

The five hour drive to and from Palm Springs is just as fun.  Stops at Starbucks, chats about our lives and the plans we have for the future...nonstop, interesting conversation.

Checking off a bucket list with friends?  Nothing better!

Are you a golfer?  Then I'll bet you'd like the list of 30.  Here goes: