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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

FAINT Cover Reveal of Suspense/Romance by Rolynn Anderson (Click here to read/leave a comment)

Got Cover Angst?  Isn't it a great feeling to be done thinking/creating/revising a cover for your book?  I had no idea my cover for Faint, third in the boutique funeral planner suspense series, would end up 'winter appropriate,' for the holidays, but the timing was right! The coffin in each scene is key: note the empty coffin in FADEOUT, the 'drowning' coffin in SWOON, and now, the 'snowed-in' coffin in FAINT.  I'm excited about the story and the cover...both coming together the end of November around Thanksgiving.  I'm spending the holiday in the mountains of west Virginia with family, so the stars seem to be aligning for this release.  Here are the Funeral Planner Suspense Series, Books 1 and 2...and the reveal of novel number 3!

The Funeral Planner Suspense Series - Book 3
By Award-winning Author, Rolynn Anderson

Their dead clients refuse to rest in peace.

How did small-town boutique funeral planning morph into crime-solving?  Ask freelance embalmer Trudy Solomon, or Pete McDonald, a blind, forensic investigator.  They’re solving mysteries of the deceased for their pregnant boss, Jan Keller, while her journalist husband, Roman, is benched by a ten million dollar defamation suit.

A dead client goes missing, and investigating his disappearance forces Trudy and Pete to confront their fiercely independent styles.  When danger stalks them, will they blend brains, brawn and belief in one another?

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